The Royal King David Proclamations


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The Royal King David Proclamations foundation rests on the King James Bible. It describes the 21st Century End of the World.
This work is pure new raw Prophecy similar to well-known predictions such as,

  • The Book of Revelation,
  • Nostradamus,
  • Edgar Casey the sleeping prophet,
  • Book of Enoch,
  • St. Bernadette of Lourdes France,
  • The Book of Mormon,
  • the Pearl of Great Price by Joseph Smith, and
  • The Lost Books of the Bible.
  • This Prophecy takes off where The Book of Revelation ended. It describes the End of the World.

    While the world was so busy; something happened. A true account of a girl that started having visions of Christ and Mary at age 5. She, suffered from Polio with its effects, curvature of the spine. She spent years in the hospital recovering during childhood. She grew up to become a very attractive beautiful woman. I fell in love with her because she was honest, very attractive, loving, clean of heart and wholesome. We had 7 children together. She dedicated her life to God, then to her family, her children, and marriage.

On October 28 1993, her life as a full time mother was suddenly interrupted by God. God said, "As it is written Ye shall Prophecy in His Goodness unto a foreboding land". God opened the Heavens and revealed this book in a vision and many more visions following. Book of Lightning

She, penned what she saw. I collected the manuscripts and transcribed them. Our mission is fulfilling scripture through prophecy.
This is Consuelo's Testimony and Testament. No apologies. It is written: In the Last Days, As in the days of Noah, the Days of the very elect shall be shortened…so it will be.

This is a big job that started over 2000 years ago on the Isle of Patmos by John the Revelator in the Book of Revelation. Gods original plan was Peace on Earth towards men. He loved us so much he sent His only begotten Son to give us

Salvation. Time went on. The great Leaders of the world, the churches, have all embraced nuclear war, Global Warming, Monetary One, Inflation, Germ Warfare, Genetic Manipulation to afflict each other to ruin creation..

There is great possibility of all peoples extinction within weeks because of one miscalculation or accident.  Now, it seams that we could find our selves in a nuclear war. Our country could be gone in 60 miniutes.

These Proclamations in Prophecy are very different then the usual Books about bible prophecy. This book is the only book on earth that reflects God's current view of man in response to man’s 21st Century relationship with God, with no God..

God's plan for Man was ; Peace on Earth, and World Safety.

Mans choices today are Global Warming, Apocalypses, Nuclear War, Monetary One, Armageddon, Germ Warfare and Extinction!

As it was written in Revelation 11:03-06. And I will give power.... and they shall Prophesy. “I have given you the Keys of David 108.04”.

Things to come are revealed in these 225 proclamations.

  • The Plague of Ephods,
  • The Great California 9.0 Earthquake.
  • The sinking of the US Navy Fleet.
  • The Safety of The Seal of Seven for Christians and Jews.
  • The greatest flood of ALL: The Flipping of the Earth on it's Axis!
  • The raising of King David from the grave.
  • They are all coming 
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The Royal King David Proclamations

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