ABOUT: NateOvation Institute


What does NateOvation.com Mean?

Nate or Nathanial was my 4th sons name. “Behold an Israelite indeed in whom is found no guile.” As stated in this 1841 Stained Glass Window. Thus, I honored the Institute with the honor of this fine young man’s name.

Ovation: Means a Roman Military Parade after a battle, when the Romans paraded their captured slaves down main street as they celebrated entering Rome. Today it means inventiveness,

NateOvation.com: Means A father’s celebration in helping his son’s struggle to overcome his fears of “What he should do with My Life”? And, His Purpose in life!; and thus be triumphant and celebrate his sons search for prosperity in finding his “Purpose” …. Hence,…. NateOvation.com helps every single student attending this Institute to overcome their own set of personal problems with getting and keeping employment, advancing, and finding a purpose in their life.

Maybe, the training received here will enable you to save your life or someone else’s life. NateOvation.com celebrates with its students when they are successful! Training and Certification is Key to their Success.


TRADE MARK: Our Trade Mark is a Silver Plague Shield, with Round Circle. Our Name written there. The lines signify the paths of the students. The beveled sides signify Polished Lives. The Brushed Silver means Polished Metal Polished Lives. Our Call Letters inside call the prospective student to class.

NateOvation.com was invented in 2009. And registered with Clark County. It was recorded in Godaddy.com in 2009. The NISVT.ORG and NISVT.COM Call Letters were registered with Godaddy.com in 2018 when NateOvation.com became NateOvation.com Institute of Safety and Vocational Training, a Non-Profit Corporation 10-28-2019.

Robert L. Vincent,

Founder and President


Located at:

3224 Procyon St Suite A

Las Vegas, Nevada 89102

Cross Streets: Desert In and Valley View


email: NateOvation@gmail.com

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